The Health LCNM Launch

Network for lung cancer
Newly-launched Lung Cancer Network Malaysia building awareness of lung cancer through education and advocacy for patients and healthcare professionals.
LUNG Cancer Network Malaysia (LCNM) is the first national level, non-commercial, non-governmental organisations (NGO) dedicated solely and exclusively to addressing all aspects and all stages of lung cancer in Malaysia. The network, compromising healthcare professionals from multidisciplinary backgrounds, aim to improve patient outcomes through advocacy, education and awareness for both the Malaysian public and primary care doctors. “In Malaysia, the majority of patients are diagnosed in the advanced stages of the disease. Contemporary data from the National Cancer Registry suggests a staggering 90 per cent of lung cancer cases are diagnosed at stage three (locally advanced disease) or stage four (metastatic spread),” said Dr Anand Sachithanandan, President of Lung Cancer Network Malaysia and Cardiothoracic Surgeon. “Prompt diagnosis and successful treatment of lung cancer often requires a multidisciplinary approach and multimodel therapy. Our aim at LCNM is to conquer lung cancer together and to provide a platform for patients, caregiver as well as healthcare professionals to access verified information that is locally relevant,” he added.

From left: Dr Tho Lye Mun, Dr Anand Sachithanandan and Dr Hilmi Lockman showing the figures and facts of lung cancer.

“Lung cancer is often perceived as a smokers’ disease and may be overlooked by many, who assume they are not at risk.  is perception of the disease needs to be altered, to recognise its true burden and gravity.  erefore, it is pertinent to equip patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals alike with the right information about lung cancer,” said Dr  o Lye Mun, Vice President of Lung Cancer Network Malaysia and Clinical Oncologist.
According to Dr Hilmi Lockman, Committee Member of the LCNM and Respiratory Medicine Physician: “On average, lung cancer causes nearly one in the  ve cancer deaths globally, creating an urgent need to address the severity of the disease . With these high statistics, we hope to encourage early detection for better treatment.”
LCNM’s vision is to reduce mortality rates from lung cancer in Malaysia and improve the quality and durability of life for such patients. LCNM also seeks to correct misconceptions surrounding the disease and increase society’s understanding and empathy for lung cancer. —  The Health