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Conquering lung cancer together!
About LCNM
Lung Cancer Network Malaysia (LCNM) is a non-commercial, non-governmental organisation (NGO) dedicated solely and exclusively to addressing all aspects and all stages of lung cancer here in Malaysia including preventative strategies, screening of high risk individuals, diagnosis, staging and both curative and palliative treatment of victims. Our multi-disciplinary network includes highly trained medical specialists (from the public and private sectors) and allied healthcare professionals including dietitians, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and psychologists.
LCNM seeks to improve outcomes through advocacy, education and awareness for both the Malaysian public and primary care (general practice) doctors. We aim to promote evidence based scientific recommendations in an unbiased and easily understood manner to support and guide decision-making by patients and their families, doctors and other caregivers.


A pair of bright pink lungs reflecting normal healthy pulmonary tissue is displayed centrally linked by a dark blue ribbon which represents the proximal main airways connecting both lungs. This blue ribbon is to create awareness for this disease.

The goals and aims of LCNM include:

1)      To increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of lung cancer amongst both the general public
and primary care (general) practitioners to facilitate earlier referral and diagnosis of lung cancer.
2)      To guide and promote screening for lung cancer in high risk individuals.
3)      To destigmatise the disease and increase empathy for lung cancer victims.
4)      To demystify the disease and correct erroneous beliefs/misconceptions about lung cancer.
5)      To provide the public and non-specialist doctors with timely scientific updates on available
treatments or advances in the management of lung cancer.
6)      To help provide financial aid for screening, diagnosis and treatment of suspected /proven lung
cancer patients with genuine financial needs.
7)       To promote and support local research activities in the field of lung cancer.
8)      To promote and support efforts for smoking cessation and anti-tobacco legislation/campaigns,
given that smoking remains the single most identifiable and preventable risk factor for lung cancer.
9)      To provide a voice and appropriate (non-financial) support for the victims and families of lung
cancer patients.
10)    To network and collaborate with other societies and healthcare organisations nationally and
internationally so as to promote a better understanding of lung cancer.

Ultimately the goal of LCNM is to achieve true stage migration (ie. more cases are diagnosed at an early stage) and a reduction in mortality from lung cancer.

Vision & Mission
Lung cancer is a dreadful disease; one of the commonest and most fatal cancers worldwide including here in Malaysia. Sadly almost 90% of all such cases here are detected too late in the advanced stages of the disease with poor outcomes.
Our vision is to reduce the mortality (death) rates from lung cancer here in Malaysia and improve both the quality and durability of life for unfortunate victims. Through our sustained efforts of advocacy, awareness and education we aim to achieve true stage migration so that more Malaysians are diagnosed at an earlier stage of the disease where more effective treatment and better outcomes are available. We also seek to correct misconceptions surrounding the disease and increase society’s understanding and empathy for lung cancer victims..