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(Persatuan Jaringan Kanser Paru-Paru Malaysia)
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BFM Podcast   (31 May 2019)

It’s World No Tobacco Day! Most of us know that tobacco use can adversely affect our lung health. The government has been implementing and planning various policies to curb tobacco use by Malaysians such as the smoking ban in eateries and a new law on tobacco control.
StarLIVE   (27 March 2019)

Dr Anand Sachithanandan and Dr Chua Keong Tiong in this month's StarLIVE discuss everything about lung cancer, from understanding the symptoms to the latest treatments available for patients.
BFM Podcast   (18 December 2018)

Cigarette smoking remains a major risk factor for lung cancer, but increasingly, non-smokers are being diagnosed as well. We explore why. This is an edited recording of the panel discussion that was held at the BFM Extreme Health event on July 28th, presented by Sunway Medical Centre.

Astro Awani  (15 Aug 2019)

Lung Cancer is the most prevalent cancer in Malaysian men and maybe it is time to throw that cigarette away and try to lead a long healthy life.
BFM (8 Nov 2019)

Doctor in the House: Supporting Lung Cancer Patients.
In conjunction with World Lung Cancer Month in November, LCNM has launched the Pot-It, Tag-It campaign to raise awareness on Lung Cancer,  the need to cherish plants and trees as they are our  "Green Lungs" for the world.